Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures for Portraits of Italian Spice and That Killer Tush!

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Claudia Romani just about kills us. Kindly, yes, but, still, there is a murder by fapitation going on here in slow, but decidedly chafing fashion.

The super hot Italian model brought out another from her seemingly endless collection of perfectly portraying bikinis from her collection to stroll around Miami beach in a display hot hot body-ness that surpasses any chemical compound like Viagra could ever do to a man.

And, that tush. The Killer Tush of Claudia Romani deserves it's own royal conveyance, a team of armed guards and velvet cushions carried in tow lest Claudia need to rest her badonkadonk for a spell. And I'd like to be the cushion fluffer. Dare to dream. And, enjoy.

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