Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures Continue to Inspire with Front, Back, and Every Which Way Views of Hotness

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It's really hard to describe the feelings I get every time we get to see Latin hearthrob (and various other throbbing parts) sextastic model Claudia Romani in yet another amazing bikini view of her tight little tush and stellar body on the beach in Miami. It pays me good mind to book a plane ticket down to South Florida with my binoculars and discreet coverup trenchcoat to get a closer look at this Italian beauty who seems to live 24x7 in her perfectly fitting bikinis.

In her latest and greatest bandeau top version, Claudia looks like she stepped right off the pages of Sextastic magazine and into the warm cozy place we like to call our naughty imagination. Deep deep in that spot. Enjoy.

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