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Bioshock Infinite Tantalizes and Teases in New, Tiny Screenshot Release

It's all about enticing the user. For this reason, this dabbling of Bioshock Infinite screenshots isn't going to do any more or any less than remind you that said Bioshock game is still on the way. Are there new characters revealed? No. New weapons? No. New character abilities? No. New environments? No. Yet, I, along with everybody at Irrational Game and 2K Games, defy you to stand there and tell us you're not excited about the prospect of Bioshock Infinite in your hands, in your console and on your TV in just a few weeks? You can't do it. Bioshock Infinite is set in a sky-city, for Pete's sake. You don't see Pete, second-guessing and player-hating on Bioshock Infinite do you? No. Pete knows what's up.

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