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Bioshock Infinite Hits You with the Industrial Revolution (VIDEO)

There's going to be a whole lot to like about Bioshock Infinite when it lands in just a few weeks. The Industrial Revolution pack is a splendid pre-order option that will give players five lock picks (!), 500 bucks and three gear items that will boost your abilities. All of those things are of course in-game elements, not actual stuff you can use in your real, pathetic life. Why the hell would Irrational Games give you five lockpicks, knucklehead?

On top of those in game items you'll also get a bonus puzzle game that will give you access to additional content about the in-game world of Columbia. Somehow they're also giving you access to Facebook for part of the pre-marketing plan but that part doesn't really make sense to me. Facebook is already everywhere and you don't need Bioshock Infinite or anything else to get that service into your life. Skip that one. It's all about lock picks, folks. Get on that.

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