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Behold the Trailer For...The Trailer For 'Iron Man 3' (VIDEO)

Remember the good old days when you'd show up to a movie theater, the previews would begin and a bunch of slick, new trailers for movies you'd never heard of started popping up on screen and you thought to yourself, 'Whoa! No way! They're making another Weekend at Bernie's. I can't wait!' Well those days are long behind us and they've been replaced with footage leaking out of studio's publicity's departments like a man's backside who's just eaten the seafood delight sandwich from a Blimpies in Pahrump, Nevada.

We've been told that a brand new Iron Man 3 spot will be premiering during the Super Bowl this Sunday. And now we have the teaser trailer for that trailer to prove it. Short, brisk and with only a few new images that we haven't seen yet, BEHOLD! The new Iron Man trailer commercial! But that's not the only new Tony Stark sneak peak to come out today.

They've also released this brand new poster for the film showing Iron Man burned and in flames falling from the sky (which might be provocative if it wasn't directly lifted from the climax of The Avengers, so....anyway...)

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