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Beertone Beer Drinker's Guide: Can You Drink Them All?

Do you pride yourself as being a hardcore drinker who can guzzle whatever booze is thrown at ya? Then I've got a challenge for you. It involves Swiss beer only, and if you manage to complete it, then you'll have chugged down 202 different kinds of brews of all shades of golden yellow to orange brown.

And it won't be some random two hundred or so kinds of beer either; rather, it'll be select brews only that have been solidly tasted and given the seal of approval by the dudes behind the awesome beer reference called Beertone. The name of the guide is a play on Pantone, the company that came up with some sort of system for mixing colors or something.

When you're done flipping through the guide, heck, you can even choose one from the mix and repaint your room with that color. The sky's the limit. They're all Swiss beers for now, but don't worry. Guides for German and Brazilian beers are in the works and will be released soon.

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