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Because It's Always Funny When Celebs Read Mean Tweets About Themselves... (VIDEO)

Selena Gomezdoesn't sound half bad but we'd prefer it if she kept her mouth full with something else, if you know what I mean. Christina Applegate's pretty awesome either, although we find her more sexy rather than funny. These two stars are joined by more A-list actresses and actors we don't really care about in the third installment of a segment that Jimmy Kimmel presents on his show, where all the celebs read out tweets addressed to them by irate fans, trolls, and haters.

You should know that they picked the best of the worst tweets out there, and it's pretty funny watching the celebs read them out loud and either laughing at the insults or making a face at all the cheap shots.

No one ever said that it was easy to be a celebrity. No one ever said that Internet hatred would come to this, either--but fortunately, they've all got a strong sense of humor. And so do we. Enjoy!

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