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BATTLE LILY: Fortescue Takes on Cole in Battle of Beach Swimsuit Bodies Over the Holidays

Discovering the Fortescue twins over the holidays has been a true blessing in little disguise for us here, and while we still can't tell them apart, we're going to blindly declare Lily Fortescue as our favorite sister as it relates to her bikini body shows in Miami over the winter break.

Plus, let's face it, girls named Lily are just prone to be uniquely hot. As evidenced further by Britty thespianic and model Lily Cole, who continues her ginger splashing on New Years and despite wearing a bathing suit that I think my grandmother wore to the Sahara hotel in Vegas throughout the 1960's, still managed to flash some red-topped cleave and make us all wish we were the particular patch of sea water lucky enough to catch her excited plunges.

Two girls named Lily. Two sweet sweet fantasy kickstarters. It's hard to know exactly where to begin. But, this is our daily toil. Enjoy.

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