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Barbara Palvin Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day Fantasy Girl

We've said it a million times before -- Valentine's Day is the single worst day of the year for men. There's really no chance of winning (though we will be providing some tips for you on that front as the day draws nearer) and there's a massive chance of failure and a hopeless night spent on the couch. Men are not good at holidays, men are not good at picking out just the right gift, and men are generally not good with romance. Mash it all together and you have Valentine's Day.

But, oh, what hotness lurks there in yonder ogles? Why, it's Barbara Palvin, wicked hot Victoria's Secret model officially launching the Valentine's Day buying season. Little red hearts. Little silky panties. One killer sextastic body. It's all so incredibly tempting. But, need we remind you of the V.D. prime directive -- do not buy your girl lingerie for Valentine's Day. Pains me to say it, but control your satin dreams and save it for another occasion. It's the single highest risk gift you can buy on the big day. Do not take any chances! Dive, dive, dive. Enjoy.

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