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Audrina Patridge Brings the Puppies Out for Show at 'Movie 43' Red Carpet

We've kind of missed Audrina Patridge. Despite rarely getting more than an 'um' or an 'um, yeah, um' out of the former Hills starlet, we've always dug the helium-headed hottie for her ability to drop some sweet body visuals in public spaces, including last night at the Movie 43 premiere in Hollywood, where Audrina pushes up her chest petals for a little airing out on the red carpet.

Now, one question we often get asked is if we can really respect a girl whose mind numbskulling sensibilities might drive us crazy, despite the fact that she's one sextastic female form. And, of course, the answer is no, not really. But we'd also say that if you're asking such questions about a girl you'd like to slather in hot cocoa and play a game of 'Find the Mini-Marshmallows' with, you're way over-thinking this whole respect thing. Enjoy.

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