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An Amaz-ing Resume: Man 'Sells' Himself for a Job

People will do anything to get a job these days. In Philippe Dubost's case, he's willing to sell himself...but not in the way that you think.

Aside from setting up a LinkedIn profile to show off his past work and flaunt his connections, he also created a fake Amazon product listing where he put himself up for sale. While he lists his price as $999,999, prospective employers will be happy to know that he'll be willing to go for much lower than that--provided he gets the kind of job he's looking to get as well, that is.

Phil is a web product manager, and in this case, the product that he's managing is himself. He added a few choice images of himself for product images, while uploading a concise list of his credentials and achievements for product details and features. Clicking on 'Add to Cart' will bring out a pop-up window with a contact form where you can email him directly.

It's an ingenious thing he did, and with all the press his fake Amazon product page is getting, I have a feeling Phil will be getting more job offers than he anticipated. Hopefully, he'll get legit ones because we all know that the interwebs is full of pranksters just waiting to screw you over.

You can view the entire listing for Phil over here.

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