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All Hell Breaks Loose (Again) in the Trailer for 'The Walking Dead' Season 3.2 (VIDEO)

Remember when The Walking Dead was about zombies? If the first half of the third season was about anything, it was that the only thing worse than the actual walking dead was the walking living with escaped prisoners and a sadistic Governor creating more problems for Rick and Co. than any flesh-eating geek or walker. And while the AMC hit took a short break halfway through its third season before the new year, new episodes for season 3.2 returns this February.

From the look of the short trailer above, the showdown between the Governor and Rick continues for the remaining episodes. And while I'm about ready for Andrea to get her face chewed off for being so naive about the town, the fact that she's apparently still on the Governor's side even after what she knows about him (as well as the fact that his hip look has been ruined by that eye patch), is intriguing. So we'll see. And here's hoping Lennie James' Morgan finally returns before the end of the season. Enjoy!

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