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Aliens: Colonial Marines Introduces Tactical Multiplayer Tactics Clip (VIDEO)

What's awesome about Aliens: Colonial Marines is that the decisions James Cameron made 25+ years ago are heavily influencing the way you'll play a modern first person shooter where our expectations on pacing, control and feel are well established. We saw shotguns, flamethrowers and "smart guns" in the Aliens movies and they were mere tools in the hands of compelling characters that we made us care. Now those same tools are expected to to offer us an interactive experience that's supposed to make us --on some level-- feel like those space marines from the late 1980s. Amazing.

Check out this trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines where you get a glimpse of the different alien types (what in the hell is a Crusher?) and weapons you'll be using in the game. On a side note, I didn't know that it was the alien critter generating all of that smoke in the movie and obscuring the battles. I just thought the space marines had some raggedy ass equipment that leaked oil all the time.

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