You Have to Love the Jets, Nick Lachey, and Prince Amukamara and How They Highlight a Crazy Week in Football

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There really is never a dull moment when it comes to the great game of football. Whether it's the off-season and players are getting traded (or more than likely getting in trouble) to training camp and your favorite star has an "owee" and his coach is questioning his manhood in the media, football is always good for a laugh (rumor has it they actually play the game every Saturday and Sunday too!).

This past weekend was just like every other chock full of crazy, wacky antics from some of the usual suspects. The Jets could almost go for their own reality channel-- let alone show-- with all the craziness that seems to surround that team. Apparently fans in San Diego were not too crazy about the boy band 98 Degrees; either that or they just didn't like Nick Lachey backing the Bengals in their house. Remember the controversy surrounding New York Giants defensive back Prince Amukamara? He's back, and this time he's talking about his throne.

And those are just the highlights from the week!

J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets!

Nothing seems to be going right for the Jets these days. The week starts off with who they thought was their biggest fan, Fireman Ed, quitting his infamous unofficial role as cheerleader at home games. Apparently too many people were harassing him because he's wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey.

You would think that this might cause other super fans to come together and unite; you know, try to help bring some civility back to the stands. That wasn't the case. Miami Dolphins super fan, Big Papa Pump, blasted Ed:

"If you're stepping down because of what you see, getting your butt whupped week-in and week-out and you haven't been to the Super Bowl since Super Bowl III, that is a wuss..."

Umm...that wasn't it at all Mr. Pump...

Bart Scott added to the Jets week when he decided it was time to let all the fans know just how he feels:

"...The person yelling at you probably was picked last in dodge ball all through high school.  So do you care about the opinion of them?  No..."

He also felt the need to tell everyone that he's a pro football player and they aren't. I can't imagine that comment making much sense without him sticking his tongue when he's done. That wouldn't be the end of it for the opinionated linebacker. Later in the week he had this to say:

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for fans and what they do and the sacrifices that they make..."

Really? Has anyone checked to see if good ole' Bart needs some mood stabilizing meds or something?

Talking to the media seems to be the one thing that the Jets are good at these days regardless of the destruction that it has on team cohesiveness and morale. So of course we had to have the voice of reason step in--Darrelle Revis.

"Guys just need to shut up."

Well said Darrelle. Now excuse me while I dodge this pig that's flying by.

Be Gone Former Boy Band Person!

Nick Lachey was actually a singer at one time. He may not be as famous for being one since his band, 98 Degrees, had to deal with the popularity of the Backstreet Boys right around the same time. Gone and nearly forgotten, he was able to resurrect his public persona by marrying the lovely and now chunky Jessica Simpson (bullet. dodged.), but the reality show died and so did the couple's union.

His new wife is actually pretty hot,Vanessa Minnillo, so he can't be doing too bad now. Folks in San Diego sure don't care for him too much though. It seems that he (sporting his Bengals colors) and a Chargers fan got into it a little bit at the game in San Diego Sunday. In the end it was Lachey that got booted.

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TMI Prince. TMI.

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