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We Wish You a Scary Christmas (VIDEO)

While I spend my Christmas day huddled by the fireplace before sneaking into three movies after only paying for one at the local cineplex, then ingesting ten pounds of kung pao chicken, many are at home with their families and loved ones doing that whole 'love' thing. Which, you know, can get pretty boring after awhile. One can only hear Crazy Uncle Max's racist war stories so many times before you have to tell him that he's being inappropriate.

So if you can't take it amongst the fam any longer and you've already watched A Christmas Story on TBS at least three times, maybe it's time you catch another type of holiday movie--of the cheesy horror variety. If A Nightmare Before Christmas is still too feel-goody for you, check out one of the schlockfest Christmas movies above to get your fill of yuletide scares.

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