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Ural Yamal Limited Edition Sidecar Motorcycle is Completely Bad-Ass

Here's an interesting bit of trivia about the Ural Yamal Limited Edition Sidecar Motorcycle: it was actually named after the ice-breaking ship that breaks the ice (doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out) in the Arctic seas.

And while the motorcycle can't break ice in water and even on land, it does pack a punch and will turn heads when you cruise around town in it.  The Ural Yamal is powered by a boxer engine and it's equipped with Brembo brakes in case you need to make a quick stop.

The motorcycle is painted all over in flat orange with black accents and teeth graphics on the sidecar. The Ural Yamal comes equipped with additional lighting, an ore, and a spare tire which has been fastened snugly on the back.

We did mention this was limited edition, and it is: only 50 of these babies will be made.

Get It Now: $14,250

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