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TV Telethons Are Simply Better in South America (VIDEO)

You can have your Jerry Lewis telethon. For me, I'll take whatever version of any TV program the good folks in South America come up with to air on their evening boob tubes. I'm not saying the low birth rates in the U.S. are directly related to the fact that our major media outlets are so prissy about showing the female form, but I am saying that they are strongly indirectly related. We can't make babies if we are scared of women.

Well, the Chileans are not scared of hot mostly nekkid women on their airwaves. Case in point, this telethon that aired last week that raised money while getting local celeb hotties to dance and strip to be named the winner in the fundraising show's talent portion. Trust me, keep watching this video past the first couple of minutes and you shall be rewarded. Enjoy.

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