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Trek into Teaser Trailers Tomorrow with the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Teaser

The rush of Star Trek Into Darkness tidbits has been travelling at Warp 10 lately. We got a full but vague plot description last week and then just the other day the poster, which in no way was supposed to evoke The Dark Knight Rises I'm sure, was released. We know that the first full trailer will premiere before The Hobbit on December 14th, but apparently another teaser version of the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer will have its premiere online tomorrow, December 6th.

And unlike the original teaser for Star Trek back in 2008 that was footage not included in the film showing the Enterprise in space dock being built, the minute-long teaser will feature actual footage from Into Darkness which will be seen in further detail in the full trailer on the 14th. So far the only thing we've seen from the movie is three frames of Spock that J.J. Abrams teased on Conan. So come this time tomorrow hopefully there will be quite a few more images to get us excited for the film's release next year.

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