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Tomb Raider Drops a Guide to Survival Just in Time for the Holidays (VIDEO)

This is one of those trailers you're going to want to rewind and pause repeatedly so you can absorb all of the details and info you can. The multiple game mechanics, the action screens and clues as to how you'll actually control and play Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider are all here if you're quick with your clicking finger. The base camp mechanic gives us important clues to the upgrade system in the game and how you'll interface with all of the things Lara can do. It appears things like killing animals will have multiple layers to them. At first you can kill them just to keep Lara alive and then later, when you've developed skills, she can kill animals and use them for food or maybe even protection from the elements. Seriously, your girl is rocking a tank top in a game that appears to be one long rainy night. Covering up, if not armoring up, would be at the top of my survival things-to-do list .

Have a look at the survival guide for Tomb Raider and drink in the details.

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