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These Hollywood Cougars Need to Be Spayed...Or At Least Kept On A Tight Leash

The whole 'cougar' phenomenon seems to be getting played out. Admittedly, I too fell for the scam that an older, more experienced woman could still be hot and sexy and would look really classy on my arm. I may have dipped my toe into the cougar pools, just to test the waters, but thankfully I had my floaties tightly on, because then I started seeing photos of Susan Sarandon with her boyfriend and I looked on my desk and saw a photo of me standing with my mom and the two bore more than passing resemblance. And it didn't seem that appealing anymore.

So like any jungle cat, I will admire them from afar, from the comfort of my jeep with a high-powered rifle cradles in my arms and and experienced game warden leading my safari. So here are the most high-profile cougars stalking the streets for their prey today. Enjoy!

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