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'The Wolverine' Motion Poster Shows More Storyline Hints

As we've mentioned before, The Wolverine will be taking place in Japan, where Logan fights a mysterious villain from his past that has lasting consequences, but the new promo poster hints at a more samurai-influenced Wolverine than fans originally anticipated.

Although not much else is known about the premise of the movie, The Wolverine appears to be taking a different angle on the superhero story arc by going more dark and gritty. The biggest difference is most notably the katana, which is not a weapon attached to Hugh Jackman for a change, further suggesting that director James Mangold is determined to make this film stand alone. The movie is based on the 1982 miniseries by Frank Miller, which revolved around Wolverine taking on the underground Japanese crime lord. And while the visual component of the promo poster certainly draws comparison to Christopher Nolan'sDark Knight trilogy, this sequel will most likely be a breath of fresh air for X-Men fans.

Check out the brand new motion poster from The Wolverine below.

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