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The Old Rankin-Bass Hobbit Cartoon Is Better Than The New Movie

I went to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and I thought it was...OK. Not bad, just alright. If it was an hour shorter and cut out stupid crap like a wizard resuscitating a hedgehog, it would have been a pretty solid film. Even a terrific performance by Martin Freeman as Bilbo can't keep you solidly interested in three hours of dwarf singing and elven councils. Plus I saw it in the 48 fps and the image reminded me of the BBC programming they would show on PBS when I was a kid Like their Chronicles of Narnia, Masterpiece Theater, or Dr. Who. I've been a fan of The Hobbit since I was a kid. Even before I read the book when I was 14, I knew and loved the story. How? Because of the classic Rankin-Bass The Hobbit cartoon from 1977. It condenses the 300 page book into a manageable 77 min...not 9 hours. The story of Bilbo and the dwarves is animated in what can only be described as seventies-a-mation. Splendid.

Truth be told...I think the classic Hobbit cartoon was better than the new movie. If for nothing else than this great opening theme by Glen Yarborough called The Greatest Adventure.

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