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The Last of Us is Going to Drop Another Trailer on Friday. Here's a Tease to Prove It (VIDEO)

See when it's not clear when a game is coming out or on which system we'll be playing said game --and that game looks really good and appealing to the masses-- you have to make the revelation of new info and trailers about that game as big a deal as possible. That's what is happening with Sony's The Last of Us. A new trailer will be revealed this week on the Video Game Awards this Friday on Spike TV. It will be way fresher than the trailer that dropped at 2011's VGAs or the one that hit at E3 2012 back in June. So to build excitement for this Friday's trailer release --on national TV,  no less -- it's time to drop a teaser trailer for the trailer. That is, Sony is dropping a video clip to build excitement for a new video clip that's supposed to build excitement for a game that's coming out at some point on some video game console. Got it? Good. Now watch and be teased.

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