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'The Hobbit' Craze Continues: A Weather Forecast in Elvish (VIDEO)

New Zealand is hoping to see a rise in tourist numbers after The Hobbit hits theaters. That much is pretty obvious with all the Hobbit-themed ads they've released lately. Remember the Unexpected Briefing that Air New Zealand aired last month and the gigantic Gollum installation they put up in their airport?

They're at it again, but this time, it's about the weather. In fact, it has everything to do with the weather, because the elfish-looking weatherman you see in the video above will be delivering the weather forecast in--get this--Elvish.

I doubt most people could understand what he's saying without the subtitles, but it's still a pretty entertaining clip to watch.

Sheesh! The lengths some people go through to drum up viewership and get a little more publicity.

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