Shan Shan Maity Returns With Even More Boobtastic Goodness

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You know how much we care about fanmail. Well, okay, not so much. But one of the biggest letter campaigns ever concerned our Asian celeb invasion tour and homeland hottie model Shan Shan Maity, who apparently caused such an uptick in private time male behavior, that several metropolitan area drugstores reported a sudden and drastic shortage of hand lotion. Well, at least you didn't chafe.

And in salue to you and your slippery ways, we put together a gallery of yet more Shan Shan Maity super sweet and boobtastic modeling pictures. This girl is all the rage in the Far East, both professionally speaking and for the young men of China who quite tragically must live without Egotastic! on their Internet. Well, today we strike back with more Maity! Enjoy.

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