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Rosie and Lily Fortescue Drop Some Twin Bikini Peaks on Miami Beach (Oh, Man, We Love Twins!)

Okay, so maybe you don't watch much British realty TV, and maybe you're not an avid fan of Made in Chelsea, but I assure you after today you're going to start following the hottie twin fashionista star sisters of that same show, Rosie Fortescue (above) and her lookalike sibling Lily Fortescue(below)Now, you know very well that the dual girl fantasy rises to the level of an A-grade when you add the 'twins' element, the proverbial cherries on top.

The two Fortescue sisters are currently on bikini vacation in Miami with the rest of Hottieville, European edition this December, showing off their long lean bodies in skimpy little bathing suits that I'm sure are designer something or other. But, more important, is imagining the dopplegangers removing those two piece garments for a shame-filled Egotastic! sandwich. Oh, yes, I can taste the shame. Enjoy.

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