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Rob Kardashian Accuses Rita Ora of Cheating On Him With Twenty Other Men; We Support Rita Ora by Offering to Be the 21st

Rob Kardashian is either the world's biggest douchebag or he's just a poor sap with shitty ways pre-destined by his family genetics. Under either possibility, Rob Kardashian decided to take to Twitter to not so blindly accuse his long-distance girlfriend, pop star Rita Ora, of cheating on him with twenty different men in the past year that they've been together.

Now, if Rob had an ounce of foresight, he might have realized the emasculating conundrum a man finds himself in the minute he publicly accuses his girl of sleeping with the entire men's varsity football team. Either it's not true and you're a total piece of garbage for saying so, or it is true, and you look like this era's most noteworthy unintentional cuckold. Well played, dickweed.

But, as always, what we most care about is how hot Rita Ora is in the first place. Quite the stage-body. Check out this gallery of some of her finer moments and see if you wouldn't mind being the 21st (and calling Rob Kardashian afterward to give him a thanks).

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