Rihanna Bikini Home Vacation Continues On Her Mother Island

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The internationally acclaimed pop diva, Rihanna, continued her beachy bikini vacation over the weekend in Barbados, a happy happy fun time relaxation on her native island, save for the presene of some random dude who apparently tried to breach Rihanna's homefront with just a smile and his lurid thoughts, though he was promptly and not-so-gently removed from the premises.

As you know, while we are not tremendous fans of Rihanna's dance party mix tunes, we remain ardent supporters of her ability to drink and bong rip and party til the wee hours of her various world ports of concert call, and still manage to keep one of the finest bodies in all of pop music land, often exposed by bikini or swimsuit or less. We get the feeling a beach vacation with Rihanna could be quite the relaxing experience. Enjoy.

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