Pretty Sure Ariel Winter's Mom is Getting a Lump of Coal In Her Stocking This Year

I used to freak out at my mom when she would tell me to put my laundry away. 'Dang ma, why you always gotta be riding me about ish! Let me be!' And you know what she would tell me? "it could always be worse,' she told me, 'you could be a child actor who I emotionally and physically abuse and then when you sue for emancipation and your older sister gains legal guardianship over you, I'll call a publicist up and try to get him to leak nude photos of your sister in order to discredit her.'

It all seemed pretty ridiculous and like a lot of hyperbole to me, but as it turns out for Modern Family actress Ariel Winterit was just your typical wednesday afternoon as that what Radar Online reported happened to the poor girl. Chrystal Worman (AKA Mother of the Year) managed to surprise even a publicist, who refused to take her on as a client, when she asked to help leak images of Shanelle Workman, her older daughter who now has legal custody over 14-year-old Ariel.

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