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Paris Hilton Daisy Dukes Her Way to Seducing a New Boyfriend

When Billionaire Barbie goes on the prowl to secure a new male victim to spread her, err, love around, like any solid succubus, she works her way into some alluring playful outfit that belies her true intentions. So when taking her new college-aged male model boyfriend to Miami for the weekend, Paris Hilton hit up some short shorts to dance about her mate and convince him that she would be his for eternity, or January, whichever comes first. Honestly, I should send these photos to the Center for Disease Control to build a case study on how outbreaks continue.

Still, we must hand it to Billionaire Barbie, she continues to successfully rake in the cash and the new young victims, and even manage to swing an extra seat for her powder connect alongside the pool. She really is a pretty solid manager. With not too shabby legs. Enjoy.

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