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Overlayer: Because Photos Are at Their Best When They Look Stupid

Pictures are way more fun when they're of the funny variety. Unfortunately for most people, Photoshop is too much of a pain to learn. Learn an entire program just so they can come up with silly photos to mock friends, family, girlfriends, and even themselves? No, thank you.

That's probably why sites like Overlayer eventually came along. Overlayer makes it easy to layer on photos with hilariously funny and crazy overlays that will change the whole shot in its entirety.

Want to get on the Aphex Twin album cover? Try Overlayer. See the girl licking Tim Tebow's behind? That's Overlayer. The dude who thinks he's on an exclusive on TMZ? Overlayer. And the guy seemingly drowning in a sea of grapes? Still Overlayer.

Check out the rest of the overlays in the gallery and head on to the site to try it out yourself. It's time to have some fun--at everyone and anyone's expense!

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