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No. 10 Gonzaga vs. No. 13 Illinois Highlight a Great Week in College Basketball Action

As the season goes on we are starting to see some really good story lines developing; well-some entertaining and dramatic ones at least.

After losing a pair of games to teams that were not ranked the mighty Kentucky Wildcats have fallen out of the top 25. No, sports fans, pigs aren't flying. It just might be that these guys are not overnight sensations like the five guys that UK had last year.

That's the problem with high expectations--you only have two options. Either you back them up or you fail. So far these guys are failing.

Indiana appears to be no joke and will likely look that way till they meet up with Minnesota in mid-January, but they won't really get tested till February when they play Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio State in three consecutive games.

In the meantime it will be a lot of fun to see who continues to dominate and who starts to fall by the wayside. After all, you can only pretend for so long. Eventually the competition will catch up with you!

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