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NFL Fantasy Football - Eight Roster Decisions You Shouldn't Sweat Over for Week 14

Just four weeks left before the NFL regular season comes to a close, but for most fantasy leagues the playoffs start next week. Whether you have money on the line or maybe just bragging rights, it's about to get really intense.

This is kind of a funny week because there are only a few games that feel like must watch, but fantasy wise there are some great matchups. Eli Manning could have a huge week agains the miserable New Orleans defense. This could be a good week for you if you have Aaron Rodgers or Matthew Stafford because that Packers and Lions game could be a wild shootout. So if you have any of their receivers, you could be in for a huge week as well.

This is also the time of the year where weather could slow down some of your players. Got a good receiver but they're playing in cold and wind in Buffalo? Probably not a good idea to play them. Got a running back like Steven Jackson going into Buffalo? He might get a ton of touches. Good luck this week.

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