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New Year's Eve Parties from Movies We Actually Want to Attend

You'd think there would be more movies taking place on New Year's Eve (New Year's Eve notwithstanding for obvious reasons). It just seems like at this time of the year people are more concerned with making movies celebrating the Christmas spirit and leave the hard-drinking, hard-partying December 31st by the wayside. But come one, New Year's Eve has everything a movie needs: A countdown to add suspense, the theme of starting over, and a guaranteed make-out session at the stroke of midnight.

If Christmas if for families, New Years is for the singles. It's a time to celebrate getting some tongue and getting wasted. Which is why everyone is always struggling to make sure they get invited to the right party for that night. They want to make sure they're guaranteed to wake up with a hangover and hopefully in someone else's bed. So while there aren't as many movies focused on New Years as other holidays, we still get to witness some pretty rockin' New Year's Eve parties on film.

So here are the New Year's Eve parties from movies I wish I'd been invited to (P.S. I still haven't been invited to real New Year's Eve parties yet either, so...feel free, ladies).

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