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Miranda Kerr And Her Bare Tummy Demand Some Serious Attention

It's a given that Miranda Kerris simply one of the hottest women on the face of this planet (given by us at least after we've given it much though), and it is a given that celebrity photographer Terry Richardson is one of the luckiest bastards on the face of the planet because seemingly every week he gets some of the most sextastic women in the world to come start dancing around half-dressed in his studio or their hotel rooms while he takes pictures of them and has them wear his glasses. So, when the two forces combine, it is a given we will be sharing that product of photographic affection with you.

Miranda Kerr just exudes 'make babies with me' sensations that I'm quite certain that every man (and ever woman with a turkey baster) in our audience feels every time they see her. But the chance to get Miranda smiling and being goofy and showing off her taut MILFy midriff for some casual photos, well, it's just almost too much. This woman is wicked hot even with her clothes on, and that is a very dangerous thing. Enjoy.

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