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Milking With Kristina; And You Think Your Job Is Tough (VIDEO)

Here's a thing to learn quickly if you're going to be an Egotastic! intern. Do not walk into the office one morning and say, 'Hey, you guys, have you heard about this new Internet craze called milking?'. Yeah, no, don't do that.

Invariably, the next step is going to be finding yourself on a street in Hollywood holding a half-gallon of milk over your head wishing you had been more like that Star Trek nerd dude in our office who nobody remembers his name because he hasn't spoken in over two years. He's not very interesting, but he manages to stay dry.

Check out Intern Kristina Oganezova in her latest From Russia with Love video as she goes under the splash cam for an udderly happy time addition to the milking craze.

(P.S. Kristina insists that as a vegan, she is using almond milk, not real animal teat squeezings.)

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