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Mike Tyson's Sage Advice For Lindsay Lohan

Mike Tyson has a few words of wisdom for Lindsay Lohan. I'll let that sink in. The former heavyweight champ/crazy person did some life coaching for Lindsay's when he was on the Pierce Morgan show. Tyson has had some bouts, (ha ha), of trouble with the law and drugs, so Pierce asked him to give Lindsay advice. Tyson said, "She's not as bad as I was...but she's getting there...soon." Mind you this is a man who once committed an act of cannibalism on national TV, has a face tattoo, did time for rape, and appeared in the terrible The Hangover 2. The sad part is that he's right, Lindsay is heading that way. Soon we'll see her biting Scarlet Johansson's ear off. His advice is actually pretty good. She needs to get real help for drug abuse and find a good support system. Check out the video for more life lesson's from Iron Mike. Plus you can hear him use the phrase "paradigm shift".

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