Kris Humphries Nearly Got His Free Throw Swatted – By a Referee

Kris Humprhies gets denied by a ref at the free throw lines
Get That S**t Outta Here, Humphries!

The referee revolution has begun. As the Nets were taking care of the Raptors, Kris Humphries was lining up for the second of two free throws. The only problem is that for some reason the refs didn’t want him to shoot it. Instead of Humphries firing up a meaningless free throw which could have easily been whistled or waved off, one man sprung into action. That man was referee Courtney Kirkland, who made damn sure Humprhries didn’t get the ball off.

Kirkland comes running at Kris from the baseline, takes off  and jumps with his hands up to try to defend the shot. Humprhries was caught off guard, understandably, and pulled the ball down. He should have then taken a dribble and pulled up for the 12 foot jumper, buried it and pointed at Kirkland. Oh well. Maybe next time.