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Kendall Jenner Goes All Grow'd Up For Sherri Hill

We brought you some of  these previously, but, now, a fuller set of the future of the Kardshian Mafia empire, Kendall Jenner in one of her new, more grown up modeling sessions for Sherri Hill Spring 2013. Now, you know what we know about women's fashion can be summed up in five words ('you'd look even hotter nekkid'), but we do know talent, and at just seventeen, this Jenner offspring who we tried to rescue from her Fagin like momager, well, we failed in the salvation, So, now, onto the evaluation, and Kendall Jenner is going places.

Does this mean we suggest all parents pull their daughters out of school in their early teen years to focus on making bank by smiling blankly for the cameras?  Well, if your kid looks like Kendall and ain't so good with the reading and numbers. Yes, yes we do. Enjoy.

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