Kasandra Perkins’ and Jovan Belcher’s Daughter Will be Taken Care of By the NFL

There is no way that anyone will ever be able to truly understand the tragedy that occurred in Kansas City last Saturday morning. The death of  Kasandra Perkins and Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher are something that never should have happened. To make the matter even worse than the loss of two lives, is the fact that their three month old daughter Zoey is now without either of her parents.

Across the country hearts went out to the young Zoey and still are. How is she going to cope with this? True, she will not remember being there, but someone will eventually tell her that she was. How does she move on? Who is going to care for her? What kind of life is she going to have?

As it turns out, caring for Zoey is not going to be a problem, at least financially. According to reports, the NFL and players union had a provision included in the collective bargaining agreement when it was negotiated last year that applies to a situation like this.

He guardian (or estate) is going to get $9000/month from the league for the next four years. After that it will drop to $48,000 (in the fifth year), but will be $52,000 from the sixth year on to through the last year she’s in the program (which will be either 18 or 23; depends on whether she goes to college.

Money cannot even come close to giving her everything that she will need in life, but at least whoever ends up caring for her will not have to worry about being able to financially provide for her.