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Karlie Kloss Lingerie Pictures Put the Windy City in Your Sails

Do we favor super hot model Karlie Kloss because she's born in Chi-Town, one of our seven favorite cities in the world? Don't be foolish. Like any other man, we favor Karlie Kloss because she's ridiculously hot and has a body we'd like to cover in honey and then play a game of hungry naughty Pooh Bear.

And Victoria's Secret knows the same, snatching up Karlie in their increasingly large stable of the world's most sextastic women used in promotion of their silken bras and panties. And Karlie does not disappoint. We instinctively found ourselves calling Claudia, our V.S. sales rep, and handing over our Diner's Club credit card number to her to max out on new little underthings for our closet of near-shame. Such is the power of smoking hot women wearing next to nothing. How can you fight? Enjoy.

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