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Johnny Manziel Shows His Comedic Chops with David Letterman

Life is good for Johnny Football. Not only did Texas A&M freshman QB Johnny Manziel just win the Heisman, he also has a model girlfriend, and now he's appearing on national TV showing off his personality. After being shielded from the press all season thanks to his coach's rule against freshmen speaking to the media, Manziel seems to be enjoying getting his face and voice out there.

Manziel stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman and gave the Top Ten Perks of Winning the Heisman. Letterman's writers did a pretty good job with the list. David also brought up a good point, that Manziel potentially could win three more Heismans. He won't because it's hard and because he probably won't stay in college for three more years, but that would be insane. If Manziel pulls it off again next season, it might be worth it to stick around and try for another and become the first person to ever do that. Or, like Letterman suggested, he could quit football now and open a Dairy Queen. Tough call.

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