Johnny Heisman, Almost for Army, and the FBI Highlight a Great Week in Football

What a weekend! I know I must say that all the time, but I think it is safe to say that it has been a fantastic season on and off the gridiron this year!

The college regular season is now officially done now that the last game, the Army/Navy game, has been played. It might pit the two biggest programs in the nation against each other, but they are definitely two of the most historic and most deserving of the respect of fans and non-fans alike. The weekend also saw the culmination of the college awards season with some history being made as Johnny ‘Football’ Manziel took home the Heisman.

Tack that on with a whole lot of drama on and off the NFL field–including the FBI and the Redskins–and you have the makings of a great week for football fans everywhere!

And the Winner of the 2012 Heisman Trophy is…

Chances were that history was going to be made Saturday night with either the first purely defensive player or the first freshman winning the Heisman Trophy and being designated as the best player in the country. A solid case could be made for Texas A&M’s dynamic freshman Johnny Manziel as well as Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o. However, there was still Collin Klein to be reckoned with.

I have to say that I was not shocked that Manziel won, but that he won by a fairly convincing margin (474 first place votes to 321; 2029 points to 1706). I expected more people to give a nod to Klein even though he had that dreadful game against Baylor, but in the end he only got 60 first place votes and 894 points.

In case you haven’t watched Johnny Football play thanks to the internet and enterprising folks that are much better with videos than me you can!

The second part of that video can be found here; if you want to see the Heisman announcement and Johnny’s speech click here.

Close but no Cigar for the Black Knights of Army

The Army/Navy game is one of the most heated rivalries in all of college sports with fans from all over the world chiming in, numerous competitions and events surrounding the game, and pranks that other colleges could only dream about completing.

Army had the prank war won after stealing Navy’s mascot and tying him up on a median outside of the Pentagon along with this email sent to the Navy cadets courtesy of a computer hacker. They would gladly trade that for the glory that would come with winning on the field Saturday for the first time in over a decade.

Yes, you read that right. The rivalry has been a bit lopsided of a late with Navy winning 10 in a row.

For a good part of the game it looked like Army was finally going to end the streak and win one over the Midshipmen, but in the end the game was just like any other. With seven minutes to go, the Black Knights had a 13-10 advantage, and had done a tremendous job of stopping the Navy offense all day up to that point.

Sure enough, Navy got it together enough to pull off a 70 yard  touchdown drive (most coming on a 49-yard pass play) to take the lead. However, fate was not ready to count Army out yet. Quarterback Trent Steelman took the Black Knights on a nice drive getting them inside the 15. Then it happened.

Steelman handed off to Larry Dixon who fumbled; Navy recovered and Army lost for the 11th consecutive game to Navy.

Better luck next year guys.

The FBI and the Washington Redskins

With the talent that the NFL, its owners, and its players appear to have for getting in trouble it probably comes as no surprise to see a headline involving the FBI and an NFL franchise. In this case nothing naughty has occured.

Since the Redskins appear to be on their way back to relevance in the NFL courtesy off talents like Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris the city of Washington D.C. wants its team to be headquartered in town. For that to happen they will need to convince the folks in charge over in Prince George County to let the ‘Skins break their lease.

The D.C. folks are not asking for something without being willing to give a little something themselves. In exchange, D.C. has talked about sending the FBI (who is looking for new digs) to Prince George.

There are plenty of legal hurdles that would have to be cleared before that could happen not to mention all the political ones, but how’s that for pull? Ditching a major player in keeping our nation safe for a football team!

This isn’t the first time that option has been discussed, but that video is kind of dull (typical politician talk) so here’s some highlights of Robert Griffin III so far during his rookie season: