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Jim Harbaugh Guest Starred on 'Saved by the Bell' and Clearly Got Robbed of an Emmy

Athletes making guest appearances on TV shows goes way back. I remember as a kid watching Brady Bunch repeats and seeing NFL stars Deacon Jones and Joe Namath showing up in episodes. Stunt casting with star athletes (with questionable acting skills) is nothing new.

Current San Francisco 49ers coach and former NFL quarterback Jim Harbaugh had his own Hollywood moment when he guest starred on the Saturday morning staple, Saved By The Bell back in 1996. Actually it was Saved by the Bell: The New Class and Zack, Slater and Kelly Kapowski had moved on from Bayside High.

In Harbaugh's episode, he is inexplicably introduced as Screech's cousin. Makes sense. Either way, Jim gives a pretty standard athlete effort. Kind of wooden, full of inspirational talk and overall forgettable. Still, it's worth a watch just to see the fiery coach in a much more understated version of himself. Enjoy?

h/t Shutdown Corner

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