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Jessica Simpson Tweets Her Preggo Belly in a Bikini; She's Breeding Like a Rabbit

I think Jessica Simpson had a baby like three weeks ago or something; either way, put her boyfriend or husband or whoever he is in that category of dudes who just can't wait to get back into the thick of things, as Jessica recently announced that she's preggo once again, kind of like those critters that are born pregnant, only much much bigger.

To be fair, while Jessica Simpson grew to the size of a small city or a large manatee during her last pregnancy oh those many months ago, she's looking pretty good so far in this go-round, at least as she appears after finding just the perfect bikini pose in the mirror after what must've been an hour or more of contorted posing.

We happen to dig pregnant women, if you didn't know, so we're prone to say, you go girl, to Jessica, quickly on he way to seventeen babies. Enjoy.

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