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Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures Candidly Poke Through in Pink Down Cabo Way

I'll say this for Jennifer Aniston, her nipples remain completely unstoppable forces of their own all these years later; still determined to have their day in the sun no matter what top she wears. In this case, a pink bikini down in Cabo with her boyfriend or fiance Justin what's his face.

And, I'll say this for telescopic lenses, they still manage to capture the Hollywood celebrities that head down to this Cabo resort and hit the pool and balconies in their bikinis, looking out to the distance and seeing nothing but palm trees, completely missing our camouflaged brave cameramen with leaves atop their heads for cheap disguise. And, blessed things these long range lenses, or we would miss the more than ogle-worthy site of the former Friends star and never-takes-her-top-off-actress as she struts about on her Mexican Navidad time vacation. Of course, those poking nips on Jennifer can easily be seen from space, so those headlights will always be captured. Enjoy.

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