Jenna Dewan and Miley Cyrus Lead List of Notable Diva Bodies for VH-1 Event

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We've really missed Jenna Dewan, now wife of Channing Tatum, and one time one of our favorite booties in Hollywood to pretend we weren't leering at whenever we saw her in a bikini or a tight pair of pants. Now, she's back and pregnant giving her super boobtastic pushed up goodness at the VH-1 Divas event, which we totally forgot that was happening, because we're just kind of surprised when the cable music channels actually do anything related to music any longer. But Jenna's perfectly ripe plums were worth the wait.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus made a sweet show of her own, both in a body hugging little black number on the red carpet, and in her Road Warrior bare-midriff revealing costume for performance for the show. Miley keeps working out so that she can keep dressing without underwear, a personal grooming habit of Miley's we are bound to champion. Enjoy.

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