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Jason Maxiell Brings the Motown Heat on Anthony Randolph

When I see an NBA score of 77-70, I'm pretty disappointed. (edit: my bad - that was a different game) These guys are supposed to be the best in the world, they shouldn't be posting final scores that high school teams match in 16 less minutes of play. I don't want to hear about hard defense or anything like that because the truth of the matter is that a lot of guys just can't shoot; some would say players just want the highlight reel plays.

Well, in this case I guess it's good. Jason Maxiell of the Pistons certainly gave us a good highlight. The 6'7" Maxiell brought his teammates off the bench with this one handed dunk over Denver's Anthony Randolph. Even one of the announcers says 'poor Randolph' on this one, because it really was a pretty nasty way to get dunked on. The Pistons won 101-94. It was the Wizards and Hornets who had the 77-70 game.

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