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It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like the 'Doctor Who Christmas Special'

We're halfway through Season 7 of Doctor Who and while we wait for the TARDIS to rematerialize for the second half of the season, BBC America is giving us the Doctor Who Christmas Special episode 'The Snowmen' to keep us occupied. They've released a bunch of new images from the episode, including a Silurian, Richard E. Grant as clearly some kind of villainous Englishman and quite fappable Jenna-Louise Colemanas the new companion.

Coleman is playing a character named Clara but you may recall Coleman also appeared in the Season 7 opener playing a future space traveller Oswin Osgood. Show-runner Steven Moffat has remained vague on the connection between the two characters or if it's just one actress playing two different, unrelated characters--which seems completely B.S. knowing Moffat's penchant for mind-fucking his audience, but it should also be noted that Freema Agyeman had a small role as someone at Torchwood before taking on the role as Who companion Martha Jones, so who knows....athankyou.

'The Snowmen' premieres on BBC America Christmas Day.

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