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It Looks Like America Isn't the Only Unhealthy Country in the World (VIDEO)

Remember those old Carnac the Magnificent bits on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson as a psychic? No? Well, ask your parents. But let's try one out right now. I'll say the phrase, 'Ingredients that should never be combined' and then you'll use your telepathic abilities to say, 'Pepsi. Chicken. Potatoes.' Unfortunately China doesn't play this game because they've done exactly that.

In China, Lays comes out with a new flavor of potato chips once a year and wotever the Communist braintrust is running that project over that seems to have dried up of ideas because Pepsi chicken-flavored potato chipsis their newest product over there. And after watching the above commercial on the product, I can tell you right now why you'll be hungry again in half an hour after trying them. One) Because it's Chinese food so you're always hungry 30 minutes after eating. And Two) Because you'll clearly throw up after eating any and need to eat again.

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